Serenity For Spoonies #1

I was indulging myself at this morning, looking at all the gorgeous landscapes, seascapes and cloudscapes their photographers have uploaded. Suddenly, an idea hit me. Why not share gorgeous photographs every week or so? Surely I’m not the only chronically ill person who needs the brief respite of looking at calming photographs.

Don’t know about you, but looking at a beautiful sunset or other great photos helps me relax. I need things to remind me to relax. Even as I type this I did a quick body scan and found tension in shoulders, neck, jar, small of back and gluts. ARRRRGH!! I should be relaxing!

So here is my first post of photos for spoonies. Who or what are spoonies, you ask. The name comes from a blog written several years ago. You can read about it here, on HuffPost, if you don’t already know.

Birds in flight
Birds in flight by Barth Bailey
Waterfall by Blake Cheek
Sunset by Christian Holzinger

I hope you like this brief respite from pain, anxiety and generally feeling awful. Let me know in the comments if there are particular types of photos–cats?–you’d like to see.

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