Home Medicine Summit Starts Monday

An event I’ve been waiting for is almost here.

My readers know how passionate I am about using food as medicine. It’s how I healed from being essentially bedridden for years to have a lot of my former life back.  I’ll never work as a nurse practitioner again, but I can help people find a way to become as well as they can be even with a dreadful, debilitating and life-crushing disease like myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).

One of those ways is through free online learning opportunities.

Take a look at this video promo.  If you want to participate for FREE, click this link.

I will receive a small fee if you purchase the entire package of summit talks (a terrific value, BTW) but it is NOT necessary. I don’t want people who are already living close to the edge to invest more than they can afford.

I’ll be out demonstrating for health equality tomorrow during the worldwide #MillionsMissing campaign, but I’ll be watching the summit with you starting Monday!