This program made all the difference in my ME/CFS recovery

Besides eating real food, not processed, getting a regular full body massage and consuming probiotic beverages like dairy kefir and kombucha the single thing that made the most difference in my recovery from ME/CFS was a video program. No, nothing on TV; we haven’t had a TV set in the house since 2010. Instead, the program I’m talking about was devised and developed by an amazing Australian engineer who had this damn disease and suffered through all the ups and downs in health and emotional status.

Like all of us, he went from doctor to doctor, and from one alternative health practitioner to another and spent lots of money on visits, medications, and supplements. Since the dawn of antibiotics, we have developed the belief that a doctor can cure us. Yet, people with ME/CFS know that we cannot be cured (although many of us still cling to hope).

Dan Neuffer put his logical engineer’s mind to learning all he could about the disease. After much study, he decided himself (because no one was talking about it publically at that time) that a breakdown of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) was the root of all the problems we have. In addition to ME/CFS, he includes fibromyalgia, electromagnetic and multiple chemical sensitivities as caused by a broken ANS. Dan learned that healing from illness or injury takes time, but can be accelerated through good nutrition and adequate rest and relaxation.He found that although there is no magic bullet, there is a clear path to recovery.

In his book, CFS Unraveled, Dan laid out his hypothesis that the countless (seemingly) symptoms we experience all stem from a faulty ANS. He also found that treating problems in isolation doesn’t work. Neither does treating secondary problems alone. He realized people with these conditions must treat the root cause, treat in the correct order and find their own personal triggers.

Realizing most people will need more coaching than the book provides, Dan developed a robust, comprehensive program that can take a person with the ME/CFS, fibro, EMS and MCS constellation of symptoms all the way through to recovery. He calls it ANS Rewire since that, literally, is what is done during the course of the program. The program’s core training is rolled out in daily videos for 6 weeks with more focused lessons during the following months. I found the structure of the lessons and the way the program is delivered to be easy to accomplish and, at the same time, beneficial and appealing to my medical background.

You can tell immediately just by looking at the site that Dan goes above and beyond when it comes to helping folks with our disease(s) recover. After laying out the science behind ANS-related symptoms, Dan delves into brain training, physical strategies, supporting strategies and tools we can use to help accomplish our goals.

Although I heartily endorse Dan’s work, I am not related by birth or marriage and do not receive payment for referrals to his ANS Rewire recovery program.

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